Stories from the Past

Genealogy tells us the facts about ancestors. But we all have a story or two or three, that we tend to repeat to "new" audiences. It's time to start writing down some of ours. I don't know how fast this will get updated, but I'll do my best.

First up are a song and a poem from Kathryn's childhood, and getting them online was prompted by our Christmas celebration today (25 Dec 2003) when we were trying to quote it for brother Ken's newly affianced Karen. I knew I had it written someplace, and decided to start this section instead of just sending email.

Big Fat Turkey (song) and Santa Claus and the Mouse (poem) were favorites of mine and my siblings throughout our childhood. My father taught them to me when I was very young (about 4 or 5). I don't know who the authors were or how old they are. Sorry I can't duplicate the melody of the song in written form.

Next up is the story of how Dave and I met.

At one point in time, I had a brick wall regarding finding my great grandmother's death and burial place. Here's how an unusual question gave me the answer.

Poem: The Day After Christmas by grandfather L. J. Rhinehart (added Dec 2021)