Checkers - no, not the game, but the Car
Checker Painting by Gary Delaney

(Artwork by Gary Delaney)
Checker Photos are on my SmugMug site
Taxi! A Look At Checkers Past
(pdf file, needs Adobe Acrobat)
2004 movies see bottom of page

logo Checker Car Club of America

The official Checker Car Club of America web site is found at the Checker Car Club which can be found at:
There are some great links there, including one called Classified Ads where you can post an ad. Have fun exploring the other links as well. This is an excellent site that I highly recommend.

Lots of knowledgeable people there!

Need parts? or need to know which cars are good for being in movies? Here's the expert:
Joe Pollard
9331 Johnell Rd
Chatsworth CA 91311
Email address:

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logo California Checker Club

California Checker Club no longer charges separate dues. If you are a member of the national club, Checker Car Club of America, and the address you joined under is CA, AZ, or NV, you are automatically considered part of our chapter. We have an annual show the last Sunday of July at the Arboretum of Los Angeles, in Arcadia CA. If you need more info on that, let me know.

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I'm also linking here just a few of my many Checker photos, the ones that are rare (the rest on SmugMug as mentioned above). One of the most rare is the Checker Jeep. I took these in 1992 at the Gilmore Classic Car Museum outside of Kalamazoo. Please: copyright reserved. If you want to use these pictures, please write and ask. However, you may link to this page without permission.
1) Description card,
2) Front View,
3) The guard let me sit in it for a picture,
4) Inside view,
5) Back view.

Closeup Panorama of my toy collection part 1 - 9.9 meg mpg
Closeup Panorama of my toy collection part 2 - 7 meg mpg
Distant Panorama of my toy collection with Sharon Arnold and Peter Huggins in foreground - 2.2 meg mpg
Panorama of the cars - 2 meg mpg

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