Family Roots™Family Roots by Quinsept

Updated December 2018

Before getting into the things you need to know, a little background on my "credentials". I was the Southern California representative for this program from 1984 thru its August 1996 demise. When Steve Vorenberg had to fold up shop (couldn't get a Windows version out fast enough to compete), he kept providing support via phone on Saturdays, and via email, for another couple years. If my name is familier it's because you've seen it in the Family Roots™ Dos Version 4 manual. As a result, most people had gotten used to my providing support, so Steve turned over all the support to me and went to work programming in the private sector.

Important highlights:
Macintosh: can no longer be converted (nor any other platform like Commodore etc, except PC

Apple II: can no longer be converted (nor any other platform like Commodore etc, except PC).

PC: if you have version 3 or 4, I can still convert to 4.4d (last version), but if you are reasonably computer literate you can probably do it yourself by reading the pages suggested below.

With the advent of Windows 64 bit machines, I now have to run Family Roots in a virtual machine, and that is the only place I can do any conversions.

Whatever you do, get your data put into another program as soon as possible.

So, don't lose your hard work by procrastinating.

What now?

If you have the PC version

If you still have a working Macintosh, the best thing I can suggest is to print "to disk" (or your printer) a person sheet of each person in your database, and then you'll have the data handy to look at while typing into a new program.