Welcome to the Bassett Family Photo Gallery


Dave gave me a digital camera for Christmas 1999, and I've had a ball since then taking pictures. When you click on the links, you will see a catalog of pictures relating to that topic.

I have to revamp the text on this page as I'm moving photos from my domain to SmugMug. Meanwhile, here are some links (that might break while I'm working on it).

House Addition 
Family & Friends
Ham Radio 

Someday (if and when I ever have time ) I will also start scanning old photos, but for now it's just the ones I took with the camera Dave gave me for Christmas 1999, or pictures given to me that I've scanned.)

Most of the catalogs are in reverse chronological order so you can easily see which links you've not yet looked at. The house pictures I put in chronologica order, as well as one or two others.

In case this is your first time here - House Addition is the photo journal of the addition to our home. Family and Friends are just that - various family activities, and some activities with friends as well. Ham Radio includes pictures from our various activities with Amateur Radio (Dave is KE6AYI and I'm KD6KFA). And Misc? Well, just explore and find out for yourself.