The Day After Christmas

Author: Alonjo Jacob "Lonnie" Rhinehart, Kathryn's grandfather, copyright by his descenants.

At the time he wrote this, he was living at 1236 Pond View in Akron OH. From the address, we know he wrote it between 1925 and 1930. He moved there sometime after April 1925 (different address), definitely there in 1926, and was at a still another address in the 1930 census.

Twas the day after Christmas
My, what a mess
I sat myself down, with a groan of distress
I gounced 'round the room,
What a mess to be cleaned
My nerves all on edge, I just could have screamed
A train on a track
Strung out cross the floor
Tricycles, wagons, and blocks by the score
A milltion toy autos
From back door to front
I tried to raise up, but I just raised a grunt
When down from the nursery
There came such a clatter
I spring up the stairs, to see what was the matter
I rushed cross the hall
and threw open the door
A bunch of tin soldiers, lined up 'cross the floor
With sword in his hand
His Dad's hat on his head
My jolly young son, had just jumped out of bed
One leg through his drum
One through his Dad's jacket
I saw at a glance, what had made all the racket
Then from under the hat
He piped with a grin
"Dood morning, dear muver, dust cum wite on in"
With his arms round my neck
And my heart full of joy
I went at my work, it was all for my boy.
Just a little fellow
Only one year old
Getting stronger every day, eEvery day more bold
Hiding in a corner
Climing on a chair
Getting into everything, even Daddy's hair
Little hands are dirty
Little dirty face
Getting so his mother thinks, quite a trying case.