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Blink!   12-13 Jun 2009 Niece Tania's graduation from Cal State LA, and party the next day (on SmugMug)

Blink!   19-20 Sep 2008 Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding of friends Bill & Connie Stewart (on SmugMug)

Blink!   10-18 May 2008 Cruise to Alaska (on SmugMug)

Blink!   Kathryn's mother Eleanor Griffy celebrated her 80th birthday with all her kids, grankids, and great grandkids. Her birthday is actually Nov 1st but we celebrated on Sunday 4 Nov 2007 first by filling two pews at church where it was also Homecoming Sunday, then going to Northwoods Inn for lunch.

Blink!   After finally paying off Dave's new truck, it was Kathryn's turn for a new vehicle - including access for her scooter. 22 Nov 2006
Blink!   This time we went on a week long cruise to the Mexican Riviera 11-18 Nov 2006 (on SmugMug)
Blink!    My mother and I went to West Virginia July 2006
Blink!    Dave and I went on a day cruise on the S.S. Lane Victory 14 Aug 2005
Blink!    Ken (brother) and Karen's Wedding 7 Aug 2004
Blink!    Matt & Amy's Shower 6 June 2004, Rehearsal 24 June 2004, and Wedding 26 June 2004.
There were also movie clips at the wedding. This link takes you to the folder with the clips, which are mpg format. Mostly they are 6-9 megabytes in size.
Blink!    We bought a motorhome 21 May 2004 and picked it up on the 27th
Blink!    Pet Page added 18 Jan 2004
Blink!    Niece Raquel's baby shower 26 Apr 2003, & posing with husband Jeremy, then Allison born 25 May 2003
Blink!    Father's Day with the Miles gang 2003
Blink!    Mother's Day 2003
Blink!    Mother's 75th Birthday November 2002
Blink!    Niece Melissa's Wedding 25 Aug 2002
Blink!    Trip cross country to move sister Kerry from AL to CA 7-13 July 2002
Blink!    Kerry's preliminary trip 25 Jun 2002 before the big move
Blink!    Father's Day with the Miles gang 2002
Blink!    Thanksgiving 2001
Blink!    Cousins from GA, OH, and MA visited July 2001
Blink!    Mother's Day 2001
Blink!    Aunt Mil's Memorial 13 Apr 2001
Blink!    Matthew's Graduation June 2000
Blink!    Dave versus Ladder Jan-Apr 2000

Blink!    Rhinehart Christmas '99