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On 8 Jan 2000, husband Dave had an argument with a ladder, and the ladder won. Though at first it was healing nicely, five days later it got very badly infected. Warning - do not look at these pictures if you are squeamish.

Blink!    15 Jan 2000 Infection made it very red

Blink!    3 Feb 2000 It's healing around the hole. You can't tell from looking at picture, but it is deep

Blink!    21 Feb 2000 Looking much better now that the doctor's taken off the dead skin

Blink!    4 Mar 2000 The hole if filling in quite well

Blink!    18 Mar 2000 Much smaller now, and doesn't swell very often

Blink!    20 Apr 2000 Yeah! He was finally released from the doctor as the new skin has finally made a layer over the whole wound. Still need to protect it while it thickens, but officially, no surgery will be needed

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