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Christmas 1999

Sister Karen puts on a good spread  (130kb) My mother Eleanor  (149kb) My husband Dave (105kb) Dave & Kathryn (163kb)
Sister Karen and her husband John (148kb) Sister Kay (182kb) Sister Kay, her son David, her son Jeremy, and Jeremy's bride Raquel  (180kb) Brother Ken, (in back) my stepfather Bill (left), and my father Norm (right) (217kb)
Melissa (Karen's daugher) (150kb) Mark, Chris, and David - Chris is Karen's son, David is Kay's son, and Mark is Chris' truck driving partner  (119kb) other pretending to drive away (25kb) Chris & Mark's truck (truck pics taken Feb 2000) (44kb)
Chris & Mark and their truck (truck pics taken Feb 2000) (55kb)