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How do I update to the last version available for the Family Roots software by Quinsept?

See caution added Sep 2012, just before method one below.

FR 4.4d was the last PC version & includes built-in gedcom utility based on gedcom version 4 protocol (earlier protocols generally will not import into current day programs). Version 3.7m was the last Mac version (Mac Family Links 1.3m). If you get Mac Family Link errors, be aware that there were bug fixes for which you may need FL1.3m. Steve sold out of the last of his stock a long time ago. He also turned support and update issues to me as he no longer has time to do either. For info on donating to either of us, see below.

I've added an option for the PC users - that of downloading the software and manuals. Caveat - you *must* follow the instructions if you are going to use this option. Because so few computers have disk drives anymore, and the ones that do have "timing" issues from once computer to the next, I'm no longer offering them on disk.

I'm no longer snailmailing the manual on disk, so if you want to download that, see the instructions below.

Sep 2012: Family Roots will not run on a 64 bit Windows 7 machine (it will work on a 32 bit). I found this out the hard way when I bought a new computer. I know someone who is running some experiments to see if it will work in a VPC (Virtual PC) on the 64 bit machine. He's a busy person and not charging me, so it may take a few months before I know. If you are looking for a Mac to PC conversion, I can't do anything until we know if that will work. (Nov 2012, it works). For PC, see what you can do with the instructions below.

On to the instructions on downloading the file, and what to do after you download it. There are two ways to do it.

* * * * * method one, if you have no floppy drive * * * * *

As time marches on, more and more new computers are coming without a floppy drive. There are USB floppies that can be added to your system, but if the only thing you need it for is to install FR4.4d then you probably want an alternative.

The alternative will assume that you know how to make a new folder on your computer, and that you have WinZip installed on your computer and that you know how to unzip things.

Make a folder on your C drive called FR4 - in other words, you will end up with c:\fr4 - then download this zipped file, and unzip it into c:\fr4. Do NOT have a checkmark in Use Folder Names, or it will install to the wrong directory. Next, make your desktop icon and you should be ready to go. (note: FR does have to be in the root directory of the c drive, and the configuration default is set to be c:\fr4)

Keep in mind that there is a difference between the download described here, and the download linked below. So, if you don't know how to do the above instructions, you will need to use the instructions below if you have a floppy drive, or use the snailmail alternative above.

* * * * * method two, if you DO have a floppy drive or can't use the above method * * * * * is 1262kb (1.2 megabytes). After you download the file, you need to unzip it to your hard drive in a temporary folder of your choice. You will end up with:

FR.EXE        406,507 
FRMGR.EXE     372,091
INSTALL.EXE    22,658 

DO NOT further unzip the file. Now, drag (or otherwise copy) those 4 files to to a formatted 3.5 floppy. I suggest that you don't unzip the file directly to the floppy as I *have* encountered times when it didn't fit doing it that way.

Ready to download? Click HERE.

You now have the installation disk. From a dos prompt (or using Start > Run) type:
and hit enter. The first screen you will see is:

 ¦ Install from which floppy drive?    ¦
 ¦                                     ¦
 ¦ +----------------------------------+¦
 ¦ ¦A:                                ¦¦
 ¦ +----------------------------------+¦

so just press enter. The next screen will be:

¦ Install into which hard drive and   ¦
¦ directory?                          ¦
¦ +----------------------------------+¦
¦ ¦C:\FR4\                           ¦¦
¦ +----------------------------------+¦

Now if you have your existing program in that folder, then just press enter. If you are upgrading from v3, then you probably have your data in c:\roots\ (& yes, the ending \ is needed), so you type that in, instead. Then just keep hitting enter until it's done. That's all there is to it.

Now, if you are upgrading from version 3, you need to find the file called readcon3.exe and run that. It will be very quick, but what it does is turn your confign.dat file and turn it into config4.dat which is the configuration file for version 4. To make things easier all around, put a copy of the resulting config4.dat into both the program folder and your data folder. You can click above to put a FR icon on your desktop, and if you have problems with the program not finding the data, then there is a link for what to do in that instance as well.

The manual was originally written in WordPerfect. To make things easier all around, in 2010 I converted the manual and addendum to a pdf file. Zipped, they are a little under 3 megs and when unzipped, the manual is a 15 meg file. If you don't yet have Adobe Reader to view pdf files, you can get it here. Get the manuals here. You must know how to unzip files, I don't have time to teach you how to do that.

(No Mac manuals available)

If, when you are trying to see your data, you get an "image not found" error, see pertinent link to the right.

Once you have things working on your PC, be sure to read common cleanup issues, also to the right.