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Family Roots™ - Can't you do it for me?

Updated December 2018

If you haven't yet read the overview, please do so before continuing.

Realizing that my instructions for doing the conversions might be making your eyes glaze, there is the option of having me do it. It's not cheap, simply because I need to find the time between other projects, and I now need to do it on a "virtual computer" which is a pain, but I will do it. NOT the cleanup, that's up to you, but I can conver the data from PC dos into version 4.4d and send it back to you for cleaning up.

If you are using version 3, the charge is US$250. If you are using version 4, prior to 4.4d, the charge is US$150.

You will get back a zip file and step-by-step instructions on where to put it.

Remember, running on a 64 bit machine is not an option. The single exception is if you are conversant with using a virtual machine and know how to get the data into it. But if you know how to do that, you can follow the upgrade instructions yourself.

Email me with questions, and I can tell you what to send me with your check (and my address).