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Pasadena Radio Club Field Day
Cerro Negro Peak
23 & 24 Jun 2000
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      Air Conditioning this year!!

     Shall we disregard the sign?

     First HF Contact

     Leonard won the radio

     Dave won the hammock chair

     Merrie sprained her ankle and couldn't make it. But she made sure to send her cookies and we gave her an honorary chair. She also won the mag lights.

Charles Plunkett KF6UFD (charlesplunkett@usa.com) and Manny Guzman KF6TXX (kf6txx@juno.com), both graduates of Allen Wolff's class, brought up a 1961 NATO Unimog which was used in Germany for radio communications. They are members of the Azusa Amateur Radio Communcation Emergency Services and work at the Cloudburst checkpoint at AC100.


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