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Baker2Vegas April 2001
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Banners on the coach. The general setup didn't change a lot from last year, and you can see those pictures on a different page.

The snow came pretty low, to the 4000 ft level. This is looking north from RV park in Pahrump and taken Sat evening. For awhile, there was speculation the race would be canceled because of the snow, but it stopped mid afternoon before the race got started.

This was also taken Sat evening, looking west at the sunset.

On Sunday about 24 hours after the snow stopped, we left Pahrump to go over the mountain to Las Vegas. This distance shot towards the east was taken about 5 miles east of Pahrump.

Mt Springs is the summit of these mountains. Sunday was beautiful and most of the snow melted by this time, 24 hours after the snow stopped. It reportedly was about 3 inches, and by the time the runners got here, the road was clear, though icy in spots. It's hard read the elevation but it's 5490 ft.

This one gives a better, overall view of the Mt Springs area.

Sgt. David Bobo of the Temple City Sheriff team took this picture of us at the Awards Ceremony (Sam Cramer, David & Kathryn Bassett). Team Temple came in 2nd in their category, and 14th overall.

Balance of pictures taken by Marge Miles with Palm Pilot, so thumb size only.

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