Working on Small Beams

(Click on picture for larger view)

2 Jan 2001
Here is a good example of why things have slowed considerably. After getting the beams in on the side wings, there are also some side beams that have to be adapted. Notice that they have been cut and reinforced so that they can fit across pieces in the way in the attic. Hard to explain, but lots of work.


21 Jan 2001
I actually went up the ladder today to get "inside" and take some pictures. Note the closeup of Dave kneeling - just think how hard that is on the knees. He and Sam are up there for several hours at a time working in this position. Ouch!

4 Feb 2001
Yesterday and today, Dave and Sam got the north and south cripple walls in. The first picture is of the "base plate". The bottom rafter that spans the new floor joists, and carries the upright pieces that will keep the existing roof from falling in as parts of the old rafters get taken out. The 3rd picture gives you an idea of what parts of the existing rafters will be removed.


9 June 2001
There has been a bunch of work done that doesn't show up in photos. The roof on the NE bedrom has now been completed, the rest of the shorter beams are now in, and the large, 54' beams are scheduled for next weekend. Pray that the weather remains status quo! Meanwhile, last week they tore out some of the slats to clear an opening where the long beams will go. Today they are cutting off the rafters where the short beams have been put in, in preperation for the flooring to go on top of the beams. (first picture April 4, second June 3, last today)