Roof Finally Finished! As you can see there are lots of pipes and vents that had to be cut around, but finally in mid Sep 2004 we can call for inspection. Next project - clean up back yard!

20040913roof13.jpg (104kb) 20040913roof14.jpg (92kb) 20040913roof15.jpg (109kb) 20040913roof16.jpg (83kb)
20040913roof17.jpg (104kb) 20040913roof18.jpg (87kb) 20040913roof19.jpg (93kb) 20040913roof20.jpg (103kb)
20040913roof21.jpg (104kb) 20040913roof22.jpg (96kb) 20040913roof23.jpg (108kb) 20040913roof24.jpg (113kb)
20040913roof25.jpg (106kb) 20040913roof26.jpg (110kb) 20040913roof27.jpg (98kb) 20040913roof28.jpg (113kb)
20040913roof29.jpg (101kb) 20040913roof30.jpg (94kb) 20040913roof31.jpg (52kb) 20040913roof32.jpg (82kb)
20040913roof33.jpg (81kb) 20040913roof34.jpg (77kb) 20040913roof35.jpg (79kb) 20040913roof36.jpg (78kb)
20040913roof37.jpg (87kb) 20040913roof38.jpg (92kb) 20040913roof39.jpg (96kb) 20040913roof40.jpg (118kb)
20040913roof41.jpg (121kb) 20040913roof42.jpg (131kb) 20040913roof43.jpg (115kb) 20040913roof44.jpg (98kb)