Bees, Pipes, and Vents
In first quarter 2004 many pipes and vents were run from bottom floor through second floor and on up through the roof. In the spring, a hive of bees decided they liked the house, so the first three pictures have to do with their demise - third picture is bee guy.

beeguy1.jpg (72kb) beeguy2.jpg (84kb) beeguy3.jpg (121kb) 20040207pipesvents01.jpg (90kb)
20040207pipesvents02.jpg (81kb) 20040207pipesvents03.jpg (94kb) 20040207pipesvents04.jpg (104kb) 20040207pipesvents05.jpg (84kb)
20040207pipesvents06.jpg (93kb) 20040207pipesvents07.jpg (73kb) 20040207pipesvents08.jpg (58kb) 20040207pipesvents09.jpg (95kb)
20040207pipesvents10.jpg (105kb) 20040207pipesvents11.jpg (99kb) 20040207pipesvents12.jpg (107kb) 20040207pipesvents13.jpg (85kb)
20040207pipesvents14.jpg (74kb) 20040207pipesvents15.jpg (86kb) 20040207pipesvents16.jpg (102kb) 20040207pipesvents17.jpg (110kb)