Hoisting Beam
Today saw the raising of the beam that goes on the end of the porch. After it gets bolted in, the east wall can get built. On a side note, Kathryn gave Dave a waterfall for Christmas, which he installed 23 Mar 2003 - 1, 2, 3 - after looking at pictures, just use your back button to come back here.
20030323-01.jpg (47kb) 20030323-05.jpg (48kb) 20030323-06.jpg (46kb) 20030323-07.jpg (49kb) 20030323-08.jpg (27kb)
20030323-09.jpg (28kb) 20030323-10.jpg (35kb) 20030323-11.jpg (36kb) 20030323-12.jpg (52kb) 20030323-13.jpg (82kb)
20030323-14.jpg (48kb) 20030323-15.jpg (35kb) 20030323-16.jpg (61kb) 20030323-17.jpg (70kb) 20030323-19.jpg (62kb)
20030323-20.jpg (61kb) 20030323-21.jpg (56kb) 20030323-22.jpg (64kb) 20030323-23.jpg (65kb) 20030323-24.jpg (55kb)
20030323-25.jpg (63kb) 20030323-26.jpg (58kb) 20030323-27.jpg (36kb) 20030323-28.jpg (34kb) 20030323-29.jpg (31kb)