Collapse And Rebuild
Yuck, no sooner did we get the rafters up, than we had 70 mph winds which collapsed it all. Then came the rains, so everything delayed. The rafters had to get taken back apart, everything cleaned up, then put it all together again.
20030103raftercollapse.jpg (50kb) 20030109a.jpg (92kb) 20030109b.jpg (80kb) 20030109c.jpg (79kb) 20030126a.jpg (71kb)
20030126b.jpg (79kb) 20030126c.jpg (71kb) 20030126d.jpg (50kb) 20030126e.jpg (70kb) 20030302a.jpg (53kb)
20030302b.jpg (45kb) 20030302c.jpg (53kb) 20030302d.jpg (63kb) 20030302e.jpg (58kb) 20030308a.jpg (44kb)
20030308b.jpg (34kb) 20030308d.jpg (45kb) 20030308e.jpg (63kb) 20030308f.jpg (73kb) 20030308g.jpg (90kb)
20030308h.jpg (88kb) 20030308i.jpg (75kb) 20030308j.jpg (44kb) 20030308k.jpg (66kb) 20030308l.jpg (65kb)
20030308m.jpg (73kb) 20030308n.jpg (75kb)