House Addition 17 May 2002
Ceiling Joists Part One

Wow! Today was busy! After the kitchen floor preperation in the morning, the fork lift showed up for use in delivery of the celing joists for the second floor. It's hard to tell, but between the 8th and 9th pictures, a minor disaster happened. Turned out there was grease on the fork skids and the last 3 inches of the load slid off the forks on to the walls. Sounded like a loud rifle shot and I thought the walls had collapsed. I missed a great photo op because I went to look at the walls. The back wheels of the fork lift were about 6 ft off the ground, Dave yelling "ride 'em cowboy". By the time I raised camera again, the wheels had settled back on the ground. It really was funny in its own way. Picture 9, if you look close, shows that the walls were torqued. A call went out via ham radio and phone, and we had several helpers within an hour. They eventually got the load redistributed onto the front side of the roof, where it was left for the night. Then the forks were used to pull the walls back in place. Dave said later that the walls were pulled back to perfect alignment - just with the forklift. That sure saved a lot of hand work. As they were finishing, the rest of the load showed up from Lincoln Ave Lumber Company, and that got loaded into the driveway for now. The ending pictures (starting with the vertical one about 2/3 through) were taken by Debby Miles. Thanks to helpers - the Miles family, Trent Palmer, Jerry Leila Newcomb, & Sam Cramer.

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