23 Nov 2001 Rafters

The first 3 pictures show how they had to put cribbing between the floor joists on the bearing wall. Then plates had to be put on to hold them all together. This took all morning because each block had to be cut and fitted individually. The flooring over that area then went very quickly in comparison. Tomorrow, the wall that's already built goes up on top of this area.

01112302.jpg (44kb) 01112303.jpg (52kb) 01112304.jpg (56kb) 01112305.jpg (56kb)
01112306.jpg (66kb) 01112307.jpg (73kb) 01112308.jpg (75kb) 01112309.jpg (67kb)
01112310.jpg (69kb) 01112311.jpg (69kb) 01112312.jpg (60kb) 01112313.jpg (65kb)
01112314.jpg (59kb) 01112315.jpg (55kb) 01112316.jpg (62kb) 01112317.jpg (60kb)
01112318.jpg (62kb) 01112319.jpg (65kb) 01112320.jpg (63kb) 01112321.jpg (65kb)
01112323.jpg (51kb) 01112324.jpg (64kb) 01112325.jpg (62kb) 01112326.jpg (74kb)
01112327.jpg (66kb) 01112328.jpg (13kb) 01112329.jpg (36kb) 01112330.jpg (35kb)
01112331.jpg (26kb) 01112332.jpg (23kb)    

It got dark quickly but the vapor trails were sure pretty.